What's the Difference? Rec Program vs. Licensed Program

Published March 26, 2018 14:04

The Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club has officially transitioned from offering recreational-based programming to licensed child care for our 4 and 5 year old members. This change is in response to the new CCEYA (Child Care Early Years Act) guidelines.

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The newly licensed 4 and 5 year old program differs from our traditional recreational Tots Program as it must comply with the standards and regulations as set out by CCEYA. The differences are outlined below: 

4 and 5 Year Old Licensed Program

  • Group and Individual Activities
  • 30-mins of gross motor activities (either outdoors or in the gym during inclement weather)
  • A child-directed daily schedule
  • Creative Activities
  • Dramatic Play
  • Specialized Interest Groups
  • Music and Movement
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) exploration
  • Sensory materials
  • Block and Construction Materials
  • Lunch Time
  • Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Snack Times

Recreational Tots Program

*Only Available during holiday camps, PA Days, and Summer Camp*

  • Very Flexible
  • Recreational-based
  • Operated much like other programs at the Club
  • Drop-in registration and payment allowed
  • Absenteeism from program/Flexible attendance allowed
  • Daily activities differ and do not have to hit specific outcomes

Please note: If your child is currently registered for the 4 and 5 year old Licensed Program at Dovercourt Clubhouse, St. Anthony Catholic School, and Pauline Junior Public School, you must adhere to the PA Day and absenteeism regulations set out in the Parent Handbook. 

Rules, regulations, and other stuff you should know...

For the 4 and 5 Year Old Licensed Program

  • Vacation: All parents are required to pay their fees even when their child is on holidays
  • Withdrawal: Parents/Guardians withdrawing their children from the program are required to provide a two-week notice with an authorized signature
  • Fees: All fees must be paid in the time period indicated on your monthly invoice. Non-payment of fees may result in the loss of childcare space. 
  • PA Days, March and Winter Break: Full payment of fees for days contracted are required whether the child is part-time of full-time. This includes PA Days, March and Winter Breaks. 
  • Late Pick-Ups: The Centre cloes at 6:00 pm. A late fee will be charged at the rate of $1.00 per minute a staff member is required to stay with your child. After 3 late days during one month, parents must discuss whether the program fits their needs with the supervisor. 

Child Care Subsidies

Parents are welcome to apply for subsidies through the City of Toronto. Please keep in mind that there is a wait list, so please apply as soon as possible. 

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