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Charities And Community Organizations Are Stepping Up To Alleviate Food Insecurity

march 13

Food insecurity is a blatant challenge the COVID-19 pandemic has ensued for many communities. The numbers and phone calls say it all.

According to Better Toronto Coalition’s briefing, “Food Security during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Toronto’s food crisis is imminent,” the demand for food has exponentially increased and food banks have experienced an unprecedented increase in demand. Ontario’s 211 contact data of phone calls, emails, etc. also revealed increasing inquiries for food. Despite new benefits programs, charities have stepped up to go above and beyond to support their communities. And Dovercourt understands this need.

Since its inception in 2019, the Junction Triangle After School Program at Pelham Park has been an integral part of the support Dovercourt provides to the community. The Club has supported Pelham Park families by not only launching this After School Program but also a meal program in July 2020 which provides breakfasts and lunches to families most weekends. As many charities and community organizations have shifted their support to emergency relief initiatives; Dovercourt too has supported the Pelham Park community through online programs and technology tools which have been crucial for children's’ online learning.

The Better Toronto Coalition briefing addresses the challenges charities and community organizations are facing in their efforts. The briefing reveals that these groups have experienced strain in providing food assistance and challenges in distribution due to high demand. The COVID-19 restrictions and policies for social distancing, etc. has made it difficult for teams, especially smaller teams, to conduct these initiatives. Over the past year, Dovercourt has received support from numerous community members and leaders who have become involved in the Pelham Park Gardens Meal Program including NDP Liberal MPP Julie Dzerowicz and Councillor Ana Bailao. By partnering and joining forces with others, the Club is able to continue doing what it does best; serving members and the community.

Pelham Park After School Program

The After School Program (ASP) is run by BGC Dovercourt Club at Pelham Park. This program offers virtual homework support and virtual programs: math tutoring and coding. Your child must register at BGC Dovercourt Club as a member prior to joining the program at Pelham Park.

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