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About Junction Triangle Clubhouse

Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club's team at Junction Triangle Clubhouse (JTC) carries After School Programs and community events in similar fashion.

Over the past couple of years, JTC members have participated in Character Development, March Break and Summer Camp and Kid Food Nation, just to name a few programs. Members have access to multiple activities, from athletics to arts and crafts, and drama on a daily basis.

Like it's counter-Club, JTC operates at 1379 Bloor Street West and in local outreach schools. While the Club hosts in-house events and programming, members at outreach schools participate in spontaneous activities as well. With over 200+ members, staff and interns provide a blend of exceptional one-on-one care and group activities.

What's different about JTC from other After School Programs? The artistic focus on programming has allowed members to create ambitious crafts. JTC members' creativity is displayed in their hand-made yearbooks and their holiday festive decorations showcased at St. Luigi Catholic School JTC has led numerous themed days, where members have organized fashion shows, Christmas concerts, and movie evenings.

Members may register for the following programs at the Junction Triangle Clubhouse

After School Program (MTCS, Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport)

Evening Drop-in Programs

Character Development 

4 and 5 year old program

Summer Camp

PA Day / March Break / Holiday Camps

As part of Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club's Before and After School Program, JTC outreach schools include:

  • St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School
  • St. Paul VI Catholic School
  • Alexander Muir/Gladstone Ave Junior and Senior Public School
  • Perth Public School and St. Luigi Catholic School
  • St. Matthew Catholic School

Activity Calendars: April 2021 JTC 


St. Paul VI Catholic School

Perth Public School and St. Luigi Catholic School

St. Matthew Catholic School

Participation - Safety, Policies and Procedures

Before participating in the Before and After School Program, you must register as a member. Members of all ages have access to different types of activities on a daily basis in this program. This includes arts and crafts, sports, computer skills, theatre, dance, and much more.

As we enter the next phase from the COVID-19 pandemic, Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club will offer Before and After School Program under specific policies and procedures to increase the health and safety of children, staff and families.

Please note, these guidelines are subject to change as per the direction of the Ministry of Education Child Care, Ministry of Health and Early Years Licensing Branch, and local Public Health Units.

After School Program Operational Procedures

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