Evening Programs

Evening Programs 

Evening Programs are available from 6:30-8 PM at Junction Triangle Clubhouse located at 1379 Bloor Street West. 


To register, please call Junction Triangle Clubhouse at 416-530-4233 or you can email After School Program Supervisor (JTC): Kyle at Kyle@dovercourtkids.com


Master Chef: We are living in the age of busy lifestyles, which typically leads to caregivers working full-time, school full-time, after school programs, soccer, dance, homework, etc... We are always going, and it’s no surprise when we finally get home we feel exhausted and cooking dinner is the last thing you want to do. It is important children and youth learn a variety of basic culinary skills. Not only will it help them to safely prepare a variety of meals for themselves, they will also be able to help other family members in the kitchen and make more educated and informed choices about what they are eating.

Math Tutoring: Mondays and Fridays Junction Triangle has a fun and exciting math tutor, our math tutor likes to think of Math as more than a bunch of rules and formulae to be memorized. Math relates to things we see, hear and do every day in the real world. Our tutoring programs aim to help students make connections between abstract mathematical concepts and events they encounter every day. If it’s assistants with daily homework or want to be challenged in math more, this is for you!

Dance: This class is an exciting way for children to practice basic choreography, creative and team work skills through creating group routines and mastering challenging combinations. Dance encourages free expression, while teaching basic elements of dance, including movement quality, body awareness, rhythm and spatial awareness.

Drumming: Join us for some special evenings of drumming to raise your spirits and energy! Gain knowledge about the exotic history of drums and drumming and the many ways they were and are used to bring the people of Africa together, unified, and inspired! Learn techniques and rhythms while basking in the healing power of the drum!

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