After School Program

After School Program

 BGC Dovercourt Club is resuming the After School Program for the 2022/23 school year at its location and outreach schools. Your child must register at Dovercourt Clubhouse as a member prior to joining the program at outreach schools. The After School Program is funded by the Ministry of Heritage, Sports, Tourism and Culture Industry.

Please keep in mind there is a daily ASP fee that covers access to programming which includes homework help, arts and crafts, and physical activity. 

 Dovercourt will offer this program under specific policies and procedures to increase the health and safety of children, staff, and families. Along with registration forms, the After School Program Operational Procedures handbook pertaining to COVID-19 is available on the Club’s website.

In addition to this program, Dovercourt will continue supporting its members and help them get ready for the school year through its online tutoring and recreational programs. Math, Coding, Photography and Coding are some of the online programs offered.

After School Program will resume at outreach schools:

  • St Helen's Catholic School
  • St. Mary’s of the Angels
  • St. John Bosco Catholic School
  • Holy Rosary Catholic School
  • St. Sebastian Catholic School
  • St. Alphonsus Catholic School
  • Stella Maris Catholic School
  • St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School
  • St. Paul VI Catholic School
  • Alexander Muir/Gladstone Ave Junior and Senior Public School
  • Perth Public School 
  • St. Luigi Catholic School
  • St. Matthew Catholic School

Participation - Safety, Policies and Procedures

Before participating in the Before and After School Program, you must register as a member. Members of all ages have access to different types of activities on a daily basis in this program. This includes arts and crafts, sports, computer skills, theatre, dance, and much more. 

Please note, these guidelines are subject to change as per the direction of the Ministry of Education Child Care, Ministry of Health and Early Years Licensing Branch, and local Public Health Units.

After School Program Operational Procedures 

Credit Card Authorization Form


French Immersion- PA Day Form

Program Cost (At Dovercourt Clubhouse only and outreach locations) 

Listed below are the monthly fees for the 2022/2023 school year for the After School Program at Dovercourt Clubhouse: 

September 2022 $100.00
October 2022 $100.00
November 2022 $100.00
December 2022 $100.00
January 2023 $100.00
February 2023 $100.00
March 2023 $100.00
April 2023 $100.00
May 2023 $100.00
June 2023 $100.00

Program Cost (At Non-Outreach locations) 

Membership $40.00
Program per day  $15.00

We also offer Safe Walk, which is a program that allows members of our Club to escorted from their school to our location. 

This service includes pick-up at the following locations: 

  • St. Anthony Catholic School
  • St. Sebastian Catholic School
  • Pauline Public School
  • Dovercourt Public School

Safe Walk Cost (2022/2023 School Year) 

September 2022 $40.00
October 2022 $40.00
November 2022 $40.00
December 2022 $35.00
January 2023 $40.00
February 2023 $40.00
March 2023 $35.00
April 2023 $40.00
May 2023 $40.00
June 2023 $40.00

After School Safewalk Program:

  • St Sebastian Catholic School
  • Dovercourt Public School
  • St. Anthony Catholic School
  • Pauline Junior Public School

Please note the Aquatics and Character Development Programs also run during the After School Program. 

Membership Application Form:

Membership Application Form 2022/23

After School Program Activity Calendar- June 2022

June 2022 Fdk Sa Calendar Page 1


Holy Rosary Catholic School

75 Holmesdale Rd, York, ON M63 1Y2
Membership: $40.00/year
JK to SK: $17.00/day
Grade 1 and up: $15.00/day
Morning Program (7:30am-9:00am): $20.00/week

St. Alphonsus Catholic School

60 Atlas Ave, York, ON M6C 3N9
Membership: $40.00/year
JK to SK: $17.00/day
Grade 1 and up: $15.00/day

St. Helen Catholic School

1197 College St, Toronto ON M6H 1B8
Membership: $40.00/year
Grade 1 to grade 8/Grade 1 and up: $100.00/month
JK to SK: $17.00/day
December/March/June: $75.00

St. Mary Catholic School

1477 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON M6H 4C7
Membership: $40.00/year
JK to SK: $17.00/day
Grade 1 and up: $15.00/day

St. John Bosco Catholic School

75 Holmesdale Rd, York ON M6E 1Y2
Membership: $40.00/year
JK to SK: $17.00/day
Grade 1 and up: $100.00/month
December/March/June: $75.00

Stella Maris Catholic School

31 Ascot Ave, Toronto, ON M6E 1E6
Membership: $40.00/year
JK to SK: $17.00/day
Grade 1 and up: $15.00/day

How to register, visit or call Dovercourt Clubhouse:
180 Westmoreland Ave, Toronto M6H 3A2 (416)-536-4102 or

After School Program Hours

Monday to Friday, 3:00 - 6:00 PM


For Dovercourt Club's After School Program, please contact: Danross

Dovercourt Club's Outreach Schools Program, please contact: Igor

Junction Triangle Clubhouse After School program, please contact: Remi

After School Program

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