Online Programs

Online Programs 

The Ontario government expanded its seven-point summer learning plan for students to ensure the continual access and opportunity to education. To elevate these learning plans and provide additional support, Dovercourt has launched an online learning plan which covers a range of subjects: art, math, literacy, and coding. Every week, members have the opportunity to participate in one-on-one tutoring sessions, complete online worksheets and participate in interactive games. 

April Virtual Programs

Dovercourt still has spots available for its week virtual Science, Animation, Fitness and Circle Time programs! All programs include a certificate of complete, at-home packages, and at-home activities.

  • Circle Time: JK and SK
  • Animation: Grade 4 and up
  • Fitness: All age groups and for families
  • Science: Grade 1 and up

There is a one-time $40 Club membership fee. Your child must register at the Club prior to joining this program:

Online Math Tutoring

This year, the Club launched its first Online Math Camp in collaboration with instructor, Chrystal Smith. This Camp is the extension of the Virtual Math Tutoring program Dovercourt launched in April 2020 as part of its assemblage of pilot programs. “It is very encouraging to see them engaging online and collaborating to find strategies to approach a task," said Smith. Members engage with mathematical songs and timetables. “I use fun, short videos, picture prompts and grade-level exercises to help students enjoy what they are learning and I ask many questions to help fill in any gaps in their conceptual knowledge of math," said Smith

Online Math Tutoring:

Days Time
Tuesday  5:30PM-6:10PM (Grade 1-3)
6:10PM-6:50PM (Grade 5-6)
6:50PM-7:30PM (Grade 7-9)
Friday 5:30PM-6:10PM (Grade 1-3)
6:10PM-6:50PM(Grade 5-6)
6:50PM-7:30PM (Grade 7-9)
Saturday  10:30AM-11:10AM (Grade 1-3)
11:10-11:50AM (Grade 5-6)
11:50-12:30PM (Grade 7-9)

For registration or inquiries, please contact: or (416)-536-4102

Art Club

Art Club:

Join Dovercourt's Art Instructor virtually every week to create unique and engaging arts and crafts. Material packages will be delivered to participating members or will be available for pick up. Please contact the Club directly regarding this.

Saturdays 10:30am



Learn photography and editing fundamentals in Dovercourt's Online Photography programs. 

Tuesday 5:30PM
Thursday 5:30PM

For registration or inquiries, please contact: or (416)-536-4102

Online Coding Club

Dovercourt Club was introduced to Kids Code Jenuesse in November 2019. Discussions about education and coding led to the development of a coding program at Dovercourt Club. “The Club decided to start the coding club program because we noticed that the new way of learning was centred on coding and we wanted our members to have a better understanding of this new educational learning tool,” said Junction Triangle Clubhouse Program Director, Tony Palermo.

Online Coding Club:

Wednesday 5:00-6:00PM (beginners - scratch) 
Thursday 6:00-7:00PM (advanced - python)

For registration or inquiries, please contact: or (416)-536-4102

Master Chef 

Master Chef program is the ultimate, hands-on cooking program that focuses on the fundamentals of creating and making healthy snacks and meals!

Master Chef:

Monday 5:00pm-6:00pm

For registration or inquiries, please contact: or (416)-536-4102

Kid Food Nation

During Kid Food Nation (virtual) sessions, members will learn cooking skills such as measuring, mixing, cutting and more! In addition, members will learn the value of healthy eating and healthy living.

Kid Food Nation:

Monday 5:00PM

Dovercourt Bringing the Garden Home

Hello indoor gardening! During this program, members will receive gardening packages via mail to conduct indoor gardening activities at home. 

Dovercourt Bringing the Garden Home

Thursdays 4:00pm

Virtual Circle Time:  The Pigeon Club

Based on the humorous Pigeon series by Mo Willems, this 6 week program allows members to participate in discussions, songs, mindful minutes, physical activities and story-time. 

Virtual Circle Time: The Pigeon Club

Wednesdays 4:00PM (Grades JK and SK)
Thursdays 4:00PM (Grades 1-2)

For registration or inquiries, please contact: or (416)-536-4102

Online Art Club

Week 1:

Week 1

Break a sweat and cook a healthy breakfast this week with Dovercourt Boys and Girl Club at home! This weekly plan is designed for members to stay active and prepare and eat a healthy breakfast everyday. Physical activity and a complete breakfast are beneficial for maintaining high energy levels through out the day.

DBGC Week Plan 1

Week 2:

Week 2

Congratulations, you've completed one week! Continue engaging in physical activity as this week you can make healthy dinners with Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club at home! This weekly plan is designed for members to stay active and prepare and eat complete dinners everyday. Parents and guardians are strongly encouraged to assist members in cooking these recipes as it can be prepared together. Physical activity and a wholesome dinner are beneficial for recovery and function.

DBGC Week Plan 2

Week 3:

Week 3

This week is packed with fun because you can continue working out and this time, preparing nutritious snacks! This weekly plan is designed for members to stay active and prepare and eat healthy snacks. Physical activity and healthy snacks are beneficial for staying energetic and obtaining necessary vitamins and minerals.

Tag us on social media with your favourite exercise or meal in this plan!

DBGC Week Plan 3

Weekly Fitness Programs

Stay active with Dovercourt Club's Weekly Fitness program! These weekday workout sessions blend cardio and fun body-weight exercises designed to keep members active at home.

Weekly Workout 1

From jumping jacks to learning Tik Tok dances, this 3-week workout plan is easy and simple for members to follow!

Weekly Workout 2

Continue the Weekly Workout 1 plan with this two-week plan! Riding a bike, playing tag with siblings and full-body stretches are some of the many options in this plan.

Weekly Recipe Book

Cook creative and healthy meals with your quarantine buddies. From smoothies, pizza and snack bites - there are flavours to satisfy everyone's preference!

DBGC Weekly Recipe Book

Outdoor Activities

Looking to switch up your at-home activities? Try these outdoor activities instead!

Sport Activities 

Members can mix up their daily workouts with these exciting basketball, soccer, running, and all-around strength exercises. From tactful dribbling, stretches and high-intensity exercises - members will feel energized and flexible!

Outdoor Sport Activities

Scavenger Hunt

Look out your window and explore what's in your backyard! Check off Dovercourt Club's scavenger hunt list and discover what nature has to offer this season.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Stay Connected With Members

We've put together a list of free video calling and chatting resources for you to connect safely with family and friends:

  1. Caribu – Video calls kids (app iOS/Android)
  2. JusTalk Kids (app iOS/Android)
  3. Messenger Kids
  4. Zoom – (app iOs/Android/Windows/macOS)
  5. Skype

For any questions, please contact us at 

  • 416-536-4102 Dovercourt Clubhouse
  • 416-530-4233 Junction Triangle Clubhouse 

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