Black History Month

To celebrate Black History Month, Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club and Junction Triangle Clubhouse is participating in numerous activities to celebrate the monumental achievements, history and culture.

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Preparations for Black History Month began early at Junction Triangle Clubhouse. Members and afterschool program staff hand-made educational posters and paintings for their front door display to raise awareness about this special month.



Black History Month isn't complete without performances, plays, outfits and a chance to showcase the Club's talent! Our friends at Junction Triangle Clubhouse celebrated Black History Month through an artistic showcase on Thursday February 28, 2019. Club members designed outfits, wrote their own dialogues and rehearsed their plays and monologues to perform in front of family and friends. Way to go champs!


Dovercourt Clubhouse's special Black History Month display features prominent trail blazers. From Barack Obama to Rosa Parks, there are countless individuals who are excellent role models for young generations to take inspiration from.

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